SPE International Awards - French Winners -

Award Recipient Name Date
Distinguished Membership Jean-Marc DUMAS 2016
Distinguished Service Award Bernard SEILLER 2016
SPE honorary membership Emmanuel GARLAND 2015
Young Member Outstanding Service Award Carlos CHALBAUD 2012
Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Award Alex BARBEY 2010
Distinguished Membership Annie AUDIBERT‐HAYET 2008
Distinguished Service Award Alain LABASTIE 2008
Honorary Member Jacques BOSIO 2002
Distinguished Membership Jacques BOSIO 2002
Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility Award Emmanuel GARLAND 2000
Distinguished Membership Maurice BOUTECA 2000
Antony F. Lucas Gold Medal Jean‐Laurent MALLET 2000
Distinguished Service Award Jacques BOSIO 1998
Cedric K. Ferguson Medal Jacqueline LECOURTIER 1993
Distinguished Membership Jean COLONNA 1990

SPE Regional Awards - French Winners -


Discipline / Award Recipient Company Year 1 regserviceaward
Reservoir Description Georges Blanc Helioparc 2007
Regional Service Isabelle Morelon French Embassy China 2007
Reservoir Description Alexander Shandrygin Schlumberger 2008
HSSE Alex Barbey Schlumberger 2010
Regional Service Jean-Marc Dumas  PCMC 2010
Outstanding Young Member Carlos Chalbaud GDF Suez 2011
Regional Service Frédéric Guinot Addax Petroleum Services 2012
Outstanding Young Member Pierre-Emmanuel d'Huart Saipem 2012
HSSE Antoine Augustin GDF Suez 2013
Reservoir Description Arnaud Brunel Amarile 2013
Regional Service Jean-Marc Fontaine Total 2013
Regional Service Jean-Pierre Deflandre IFP EN 2014
Regional Service Michèle Planeix Saipem 2014
Distinguished Corporate Support   OneSubsea 2014
Project, Facilities and Construction award Nicolas Parsloe Doris Engineering 2015
Reservoir Description and Dynamics award Yves Manin Schlumberger 2015
Distinguished Achievement Award for Petroleum Engineering Faculty Vladimir Choque Flores IFPEN 2015
Young Member Outstanding Service award  Benjamin Testard Total 2015
Regional Service award Pascal Breton Total 2015
Regional Service award Jean-Marc Donadille Schlumberger 2015
SPE Gold Standard Student Chapters IFP School 2015
Outstanding Student Chapter Award Student Chapters UPPA 2015



Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) - French Winners -


OTC Awards Recipient Company Year




OTC Distinguished Achievement Award for Visionary Developments and Success in the Industry of Deep Sea Diving

Individual Award Winners

“Henri‐Germain DELAUZE”



OTC Distinguished Achievement Award for the Design, Fabrication and Installation of HP Flexible Pipes for Gas and Petroleum Corporate Award Winners



OTC Distinguished Achievement Award for its Innovations Implemented on the Girassol Field in Angola Corporate Award Winners



OTC Distinguished Achievement Award for Companies, Organisations and Institutions Corporate Award Winners



OTC Distinguished Achievement Award for Corporate Achievement on Pazflor Development Corporate Award Winners




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