YP Event 20/05/2014 - 30 ans SPE France Feedback


On 20th May, the YP board took part to the celebration of the SPE France 30th birthday, event organized in the amphitheater “La Coupole”, in Total office in Paris. It animated a round table whose subject was “the technical and the human responses to the future challenges of the Oil and Gas sector”.

To discuss this tricky question, the YP board was pleased to invite a panel composed of three majors actors of the innovation field: Mr. JC Heidman, Responsible of the Exploration Production program at IFP School, Mr. A. Goulois, Vice President of the R&D at Total EP, and Mr. C. Valenchon, Responsible of the technological development at SAIPEM.

Providing concrete examples of various innovation programs, they shared their respective point of views of the risks and opportunities as operating company, contractor and training institute.

The main conclusions were:
- Innovation is a key of the chain value for all companies within the context of an ever growing international competition
- Innovation methodologies are evolving (strong leadership of the operating companies, search for rupture breakthrough at the interface of the Oil and Gas sector, set up of multipolar research-centers)
- Innovation will have to answer to a double challenge economical and technical
The movie of the IFP School SC field trip to USA was also broadcasted before the round table. Nice job!
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YP Event 24/10/2013 - JAH Feedback

The YP board took part on October 24th in the “Oil & Gas Days” (Journées Annuelles des Hydrocarbures), a major event organized by the GEP AFTP in Paris, Palais des Congrès. It animated a conference whose objective was to exchange about the critical and complex question of the talent deficit in Oil & Gas industry to face future challenges.

The YP board proposed to a panel composed of Oil & Gas sector HR representatives (Total, Subsea7, and Ponticelli) two focuses for reflection in order to define an answer:

  • Use of local content workforce
  • Use of external industries workforce

Exchanges were built on a quick and honest question -answer session. It was also the opportunity for HR representatives to present the existing strategies closely related to company features as operator or service company. Then four young professionals representing the two focuses of reflection – local content workforce and external industries workforce - testified to their own experiences. They offered an interesting point of view on the existing and under development politics to ensure the training and the reconversion of young professionals. Finally, HR representatives put the strength on the high potentials loyalty program as a key to success while the Oil & Gas sector is undoubtedly overheating.

Interviews of international students from IFP School explaining their views of Oil & Gas sector were also broadcasted during the conference.

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Our special thanks are also adressed to the YP committee (Anaïs Mathieu, Benjamin Testard, François Raout, and Pierre-Emmanuel d'Huart) for the organization.


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